What is a Repeat Prescription?

Repeat prescriptions are medications which appear on the reverse of your prescription which your doctor would like you to continue on a regular basis.

How to request a Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions may be ordered in several ways:

  • Using our POD Services (The NHS Prescription Ordering Direct)
  • Using our Online Services
  • You may hand in your computer slip or a note with your name, address, DoB and the medication required written clearly;
  • Set up a direct Repeat Prescription Order through your local Pharmacist;
  • Or By post.

Repeat prescriptions will be ready in 72 working hours from your request. Please note if your prescription request is NOT on your repeat prescription your request will take longer to process and the doctor may wish to speak with you. Delays may also occur if your medication request is different from what your doctor has prescribed for you.

We will return your prescription to you by post if a stamped addressed envelope is provided.

Many chemists offer a delivery and collection service. Speak to your preferred chemist directly for details. This means that you do not have to come to the surgery to collect your prescription and then take it to a chemist.

Electronic Prescription Service

We will be introducing a new way of generating your prescriptions called “Electronic Prescription Service” (EPS) which will mean that your prescriptions will go directly to a chemist of your choice. With EPS this means that you no longer have to come to the surgery to pick up your repeat prescriptions, you can go straight to your nominated chemist.

You still need to allow 72 working hours from the time of your request.

Unfortunately certain medications cannot be done through EPS due to safety reasons. These medications include:

  • Controlled drugs like (Tramadol, Morphine, Oramorph, Fentanyl, etc)
  • Private prescriptions

View more information about the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) at NHS Digital

The NHS Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service

The NHS Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service provides patients with a new and convenient way to order repeat prescriptions by calling 01752 398 533. This is a one-year pilot and will be evaluated throughout and if successful extended to further practices in Devon.

How does POD work?

Telephone calls to 01752 398 533 are answered by a dedicated, trained call handler, who will process the repeat prescription request. Patients can request prescriptions when they have no more than seven days’ supply of medication left. Patients will be asked what medication they need and be alerted when a medication review is due.

This service is confidential, and the call handler will only access personal information relevant to your request. They will confirm your consent the first time you call and record it for future reference.

Following the call, prescriptions will be authorised by the patients usual GP practice and sent to your nominated pharmacy within two working days. Any existing arrangement with a pharmacy to deliver prescriptions will continue.

When is the POD open?

The POD is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (excluding bank holidays). This service is not available at weekends.

What to do when the POD is closed?

If you think your prescription request cannot wait until the POD is open, please contact your community pharmacist, GP practice or 111 for advice.