New Patients

  • We are currently accepting new patients virtually.

How to Register

To register with our practice please follow the link below to download our registration form.

Patients aged 16+ are to email the completed forms to along with 2 forms of identification (ID). One of these must contain your address (e.g. tenancy agreement, mortgage agreement, bank statement), and the other to have your photograph (eg. driving license, passport, for children a birth certificate is adequate).

New born babies will have immediate registration, we require immunisation history for all children, a copy of the red book is adequate.

New patients will be registered with the surgery within 48 hours of their forms being received via email providing you have sent 2 forms of identification, 1 form of photo ID and 1 form of proof of address, fully completed the GMS1 form ensuring you have physically signed it and attached the New Patient Questionnaire alongside and this is fully completed.

Please proof read your registration as it can take longer than 48 hours to register new patients without the above information.

Until you have submitted your ID you will not be registered at the practice.

How to Register Patients in a Residential Home

Please download the Welcome Registration document below for each patient. Where possible could the registrations be send in bulk to enable us to processed them together.

If you have any queries regarding this process please do not hesitate to contact us on the above email address.