Flu Information 2020

Delivery of flu vaccination 2020

Most comprehensive flu program in history

We are pleased to announce that we will starting to send SMS messages to those patients eligible for a flu vaccination, with an invitation to book into our clinics via our dedicated flu booking line. We will call those patients without a mobile number on record.

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As you may be aware, the Government has announced that a significant new group will be eligible for the free flu vaccine – people aged 50 to 64 will be eligible from 01 Dec 20. Once vaccines have been delivered we will open our clinics for booking. Please note availability is subject to vaccine supply.


This year will be a very challenging year for delivering the flu vaccine program. This year we will be adopting a different strategy to ensure we keep patients and staff as safe as possible. This Year’s Flu Programme will be delivered at Laira Surgery. Due to the current government infection control guidelines we cannot facilitate clinics at any other of our sites this season.

Laira surgery and has been chosen not only for its central location but also for safety reasons. It’s a standalone site with plenty of outdoor space that will allow social distancing safely. It is also centrally based to the demographic area we cover, to vaccinate everyone that is eligible. This site will be used exclusively for the flu programme over a course of 3 weeks from 28 September – 16 October 20

Laira Surgery
95 Pike Road

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Please be rest assured that we have taken huge steps to try and maintain your safety. By taking these measures we feel we have minimised the risk of infection and appointments are as safe as they can be

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding in these challenging times for Pathfields and the NHS as a whole in delivering this program to enable us to protect our local area and our patients

Flu patient safety/information

Flu vaccination info leaflet

Flu Vaccine side effects

How the flu vaccine works

Child Vaccination information/tips for parents

Vaccine Information

Flublok Information Leaflet


Why is it so important to have the Flu vaccination this year

Having the flu vaccination is more important than ever this year, according to Public Health England, this is due to the symptoms being very similar to those of COVID19, and preventing the flu will save lives and preserve health care resources.

For more information on flu, please visit: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/flu/

How do I know if I am eligible for the flu this year:

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As you may be aware, the Government has announced that a significant new group will be eligible for the free flu vaccine – people aged 50 – 64 that are healthy will be invited later in the season for the vaccination, this is also dependent on vaccine supply.

What happens if you are housebound

Pathfields will be in contact will all housebound patients in due course. We will be working with the District Nursing team to arrange home visits.

Why are we doing all our Flu clinics from Laira this year

Due to additional infection control and social distancing measures, this was the safest way for our patients to receive the vaccination. Be rest assured, that we have worked tirelessly to minimise the risk of infection to both patients and staff.

Where is Laira Surgery.

Laira Surgery
95 Pike Road

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What additional measures have been implemented.

  • Implementation of a one way patient flow
  • Social distancing – monitored with a queue marshall to ensure adherence
  • Face masks must be worn by staff and patients (visors available for those that are exempt)
  • Hand santitisation station prior to entering the building
  • All patients have been advised NOT to attend if displaying any one of the COVID symptoms
  • Patient assessment on arrival
  • Clinics options for shielded patients
  • Additional cleaning scheduled
  • We have requested that patients attend unaccompanied, unless a carer is required for mobilisation.

How do you book a flu appointment

This year we have added an additional line to our phone system – flu booking. You can get through to this line by pressing 5 for appointments and 6 for flu appointments. This will be answered by a dedicated admin team that have been trained to deal with anything flu!

The Pathfields Flu team look forward to welcoming you to Laira – TBC




Flu Information 2020