Family Planning Appointments

You have been directed to this page as you have been offered a Family Planning appointment. It important to us that you take the time to read the following information, to ensure that this is the correct choice for you.

Please follow the step detailed below to confirm your appointment.

  1. Read the Family Planning Association Leaflet – Your Guide to Contraception
  2. Ensure you digest the below points.
  • You need to inform the Clinician at the time of fitting the date of your last period.
  • It can help to take ibuprofen if you are not allergic or paracetamol before the coil/implant fitting.
  • You need to use reliable contraception from your last period until your coil/implant is fitted.
  • You need to continue contraception for 1 week after procedure (For initial insertions).
  • The week leading up to your appointment we advise not to have sexual intercourse if you appointment is for a coil or implant removal.
  • Screening for sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and cervical smear can be done at the same time if requested.

Implant Replacements – please note

A replacement implant will be ordered on your behalf by the Practice, prior to your appointment. You will need to collect this from your nominated pharmacy and ensure you bring this along with you to the appointment else your appointment will not go ahead.

If you are happy to process please respond to the SMS message that we sent you via the link as pictured below with ‘YES’. If you have changed your mind and no longer require the appointment please respond ‘CANCEL’. If an acknowledgment is not received within 1 week then unfortunately your appointment will be cancelled. For a fuller guide please visit – Guide on responding to an SMS    



You might be interested to know more about the long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) options available to you. Please see below the link to download the Healthinote app, and view an interactive, 3D overview of each LARC to help you find the right choice for you. (WiFi required). Or you can visit our dedicated page

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require further information or if you wish to speak further to a Clinician prior to the appointment.

Appointments through to COVID

Please be reassured that to make appointments as safe as possible we have introduced the following procedures for patients. We do also ask that this appointment is attended unaccompanied to enable us to keep the minimum amount of people in the building at one time to reduce the risk of spread.

  • Anyone with a fever or symptoms of COVID is not allowed in any of our buildings but are seen in the COVID hot hub at Devonport.
  • We check the temperatures of all staff and patients on arrival at our buildings (if anyone’s temperature is over 37.8 they are refused entry)
  • We ask patients and staff about symptoms of COVID infection in their household prior to any attendance at our buildings – they are not allowed in if they have any symptoms
  • We have redesigned our waiting rooms to facilitate social distancing
  • We have the minimum number of people in the building at any one time
  • We ask all people arriving at our building to use alcohol gel on arrival
  • We wear masks and gloves for all clinical contact to keep you safe
  • Patient are required to wear masks in the surgery.

Following the appointment

Contact the practice straight away if you experience any of the following symptoms after your fitting:

  • Temperature / fever
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain that is not expected / worse than a period
  • A change in your bleeding pattern that is not expected
  • Unable to locate the threads of your device – use condom or abstain from sexual intercourse, seek advice about emergency contraception
  • Symptoms of pregnancy
  • You should avoid vibrating gym plates for 1 month after fitting


When attending appointments at Beaumont Villa Surgery, please allow some extra time for parking as there is limited patient parking on site.



Family Planning Appointments