eConsult Patient Survey

July 2021

Were your patients satisfied with eConsult?


Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with using the Consult Online service for your health assessment?

Very satisfied 7
Fairly satisfied 4
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 4
Fairly dissatisfied 2
Very dissatisfied 4


How likely are you to recommend the Consult Online service to friends and family if they need similar care or advice?



Extremely likely 7
Likely 6
Neither likely nor unlikely 2
Unlikely 2
Extremely unlikely 4


What were your patients’ care outcomes after using eConsult?


Seven days after your Consult Online request, had the issue you consulted about resolved?

Completely resolved 3
Improved 7
The same 4
Worse 4
Not applicable 3


In the week after your Consult Online request, did you have contact with the GP practice or any other health service for the same problem?

Yes 4
No 17


Did patients say they were contacted in time?


Were you contacted by the practice about your eConsult request in the stated timeline?

Yes 19
No, I was contacted late 1
No, I was not contacted at all 1


How did patients hear about eConsult?


How did you hear about the eConsult service?

My GP told me about it 0
Someone else from the GP practice told me about it 7
From the GP practice website 4
Another patient, family member or friend told me about it 7
From an Internet search 0
I read about it 0
From a leaflet or promotional banner 1
Other – Write In 2


eConsult Patient Survey