Covid-19 and the mental health of your children

COVID-19 And The Mental Health Of Your Children
1.       The World Health Organization (WHO) has dedicated a section of their website to COVID-19 with daily updates based on facts. 
2.       The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a webpage dedicated to information on COVID-19 and guidance on managing mental health and coping for children and caregivers.
3.       The JED Foundation has fantastic tips for teens and young adults on practicing self-care.
4.       McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, has written an excellent blog on how to care for mental health during this challenging time.
5.       The National Association of School Psychologists has prepared this guide as a resource for talking to your children about the virus.
6.       The American Psychological Association has written tips for keeping the news in perspective:  5 Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus.
7.       At The Youth Mental Health Project, we have a free, downloadable guide for Talking With Kids about Emotions and Feelings, which is a great place to start when the world becomes a scary place.