Closing the Digital Gap


We are all aware of the dangers of Coronavirus, particularly for older people (aged 65+), who have a much higher chance of dying from the disease, compared with younger adults.

However for some, the lockdown has also caused significant harm; many people who were shielding have suffered with loneliness which has affected their mental wellbeing. They have also been more inactive, which has affected physical wellbeing. Do you know someone who has shown signs of “accelerated ageing”? This has probably happened to them.

Many senior leaders are planning for a second wave of coronavirus. If this does happen, we want to be prepared and support you and your nearest and dearest to remain as happy, healthy, and independent as possible in the event of a second lockdown.

In this situation, knowledge is power. We can stream healthcare information directly to your own homes and support you and your nearest and dearest (as long as they are registered with our practice and in agreement) to remain happy, healthy and independent. However, we need your help.

What we need from you:

  1. We need you to email our practice up-to -date email addresses and mobile phone numbers for you and any family members who are registered with our practice (please check they are in agreement with this). To make sure we have the right people (some people share the same name), please use the table below for you and your loved ones:
Name DOB Mobile number Email Next of Kin’s name Next of Kin’s contact details


  1. If your friends or family are not registered with our practice, ask them to email their own surgery with the details above.
  2. Older people are amongst the most vulnerable to coronavirus and lockdown and stand to gain the most. However, studies have shown that 35% of older people do not have access to the internet or smart phone. If you have a friend or family member who is in this group, support them to get online and learn how to use the internet. In a pandemic, access to internet and information can save lives. Below we show you how.

Support with getting a family member online:

If you or someone you know has an old smartphone, try and refurbish it and give it to an older person you know. Try and teach them how to use the internet and show them how to register for an email address and check emails. Teach them how to use Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp so that they can remain connected during lockdown.

If you are not able to do this, there are a few organisations that can help with getting online and teaching on how to use the internet:

  1. Improving Lives: email:; tel. no. 01752 201890; web address:
  2. Wolseley Trust: tel. no. 01752 203673; email
  3. Age UK : tel. no. 01752 256020; website
  4. Your local library

The time to act is right now.

If you are already online and an older person, don’t wait for a second lockdown! You can start learning to become happier, healthier and more independent right now by looking on the websites below:

We hope that this information supports you and your nearest and dearest to remain healthier and happier for longer

Yours sincerely,






Closing the Digital Gap