Cancer Support at Pathfields Medical Group

A New Cancer Diagnosis

Following a new diagnosis of Cancer, you will be contacted by the Cancer Care Support Worker at Pathfields Medical Group. A telephone review appointment will be made (usually over a weekend) and we encourage patients to discuss any issues they may have with the Doctor during this phone call.

The Cancer Care Support Worker is available as a point of contact for patients with a Cancer diagnosis. Initial contact is made following diagnosis and a follow up review will be planned a few months later. However, patients can get in touch at any point by telephone or emailing us at FAO Cancer Care Support Worker.

Finding out that you have cancer can be a shock, even if you already suspected it. These days, many people are cured of cancer or are able to live with it for many years. But being diagnosed can still cause different fears and emotions. There is no right or wrong way to feel.

Macmillan Cancer Support can help with the following if you have been diagnosed:

It is natural to worry about these things and to be upset by them. It is fine to cry and say how you feel. But remember that help is available.

There is advice and support too at Macmillan Cancer Support, which offers a free helpline 8am-8pm 7 days a week on 0808 808 00 00

Local Support

Find the best support for you – all known local Cancer Support Groups can be found at Cancer Support Groups – Plymouth Area

The Mustard Tree

The Mustard Tree Macmillan Cancer Support Centre is available to anyone affected by cancer (at any stage of the illness). They offer a cosy and comfortable environment for patients, relatives and carers to share concerns, ask questions and access a range of support. More information can be found on there website at The Mustard Tree.

Parking Arrangements

If you are visiting Oncology Outpatients, Derriford Hospital, then Car Park C is the closest.

All patients who are undergoing a course of treatment and required to attend the hospital for at least 3 days in a week will be entitled to free parking.

You will also be eligible for free parking if you are attending any of the following departments for an appointment, procedure or treatment in relation to your cancer diagnosis:

  • Oncology Outpatients
  • The Mustard Tree (booked appointments only)
  • Birch Day Case Unit
  • Brent Ward

You will need to show a valid appointment letter to a member of staff on reception in Oncology Outpatients on level 2 and present your parking chip coin for validation.

For more information on these concessions please ring 01752 432000 or go to the Parking Desk by the main entrance on level 6 or click here: Parking at Derriford

Cancer Screening Information

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Testicular Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Cancer Support at Pathfields Medical Group