New Patients

Please read our  Patient booklet

How to Register

To register with our practice please follow the link below to download our registration form.

Patients aged 16+ are to email the completed forms to along with 2 forms of identification (ID). One of these must contain your address (e.g. tenancy agreement, mortgage agreement, bank statement), and the other to have your photograph (eg. driving license, passport, for children a birth certificate is adequate).

New born babies will have immediate registration, we require immunisation history for all children, a copy of the red book is adequate.

New patients will be registered with the surgery within 48 hours of their forms being received via email providing you have sent 2 forms of identification, 1 form of photo ID and 1 form of proof of address, fully completed the GMS1 form ensuring you have physically signed it and attached the New Patient Questionnaire alongside and this is fully completed.

Medication – when newly registering with the practice if you have a repeats list or patient medication summary, this will speed up your medication process.

Please proof read your registration as it can take longer than 48 hours to register new patients without the above information.

Boundary for Pathfields Medical Group –


Pathfields Medical Group boundary  consists of (in blue) ~

Post code –

PL7 –                 PLYMPTON ( not including Wotter / Lee Moor)

PL3 –                  EFFORD  / LAIRA 

PL5 –                 CROWNHILL 

PL4 –                  BVS 

PL1 / PL2 –                  ARMADA. 

Registering to be an out of area patients – Patient Choice

If you have moved outside of our Practice boundary and would like to remain with us, you can now apply to register as an out of area patient. This request will be considered by the Practice to ensure this is appropriate for your health care needs.

With this registration, there are some changes for you to consider.

  • Due to the distance you have moved away from the surgery, we will be unable to provide home visits. If you required a visit you could do this through NHS 111 service. This would be triaged in the same way we would, and a local GP would be assigned if this is needed
  • You will be able to continue using our online consulting service – Patient Triage which is our digital triage platform that allows you to make medical or administrative requests direct to a GP.  Patient Triage