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Beaumont Villa Surgery to leave University Medical Centre

Dear Patient,

As you may already be aware, on the 31st March 2019, Beaumont Villa Surgery at Pathfields Medical Group is leaving the University Medical Centre (UMC). This means that Peverell Park Surgery will be the only GP Surgery situated within the University Campus.

Why are Pathfields leaving the University Medical Centre?

Due to the shortage of Clinical staff across the South West, and the struggle with recruiting, it has been decided that we will be able to offer better care to our patients within fewer sites.

What does this mean for the students currently registered at Beaumont Villa Surgery and how does this affect us? 

It means that Beaumont Villa Surgery will no longer be situated inside the University Medical Centre on Endsleigh Place.  As we have not been running many clinics from the UMC this year, the care that you receive from Pathfields will not change. You are still able to call us at 8am every morning to get your book on the day appointment/telephone call or your Emergency Telephone call/appointment with our Duty Hub.

Where are my closest surgeries?

Your two closest surgeries are:

Armada Surgery
Oxford Place
Western Approach
PL1 5AJ (opposite Sainsbury’s in town)


Beaumont Villa Surgery
23 Beaumont Road
St Judes

Which number do I call if I want to make an appointment?

The usual 01752 222341 opt 2 number will no longer be in use for Beaumont Villa patients.

Please call Armada Surgery on 01752 428938 as your first port of call, or Beaumont Villa Surgery on 01752 663776 if you are unable to get through. However, you are able to call any Pathfields Practice to book your appointments.

Please save the numbers in your mobile.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the UMC on 01752 222341 opt 2 and speak to a receptionist.

Kind regards,

Pathfields Medical Group

Improved Access Survey

Take part now to help shape the new Improved Access Service – have your say on improving access to GP services across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay.

We are keen to seek the views of local people in Devon about how we can further improve access to GP appointments.

A new service was launched nationally in October 2018 that has made improvements to the hours GP services are available. We are keen to find out people’s views on these hours and if they are in the most appropriate locations.
In the past GP surgeries have usually only offered appointments between 8am-6.30pm but the ‘improved access’ service means that appointments are now available evenings, weekends and bank holidays as well. The principle of the pilot is that everyone should have access to a GP appointment 365 days a year.  Under this new scheme patients won’t necessarily see a GP at their own practice but may be asked to travel to another practice.
Please follow this link to complete the online survey Improved Access Survey