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Pathfields Medical Group proposal to withdraw medical services.

Patient Consultation Questionaire TH

Patient Consultation Questionaire UMC

Pathfields Medical Group is considering a proposal to withdraw its provision of medical services at its Tothill surgery at 10 Tothill Avenue, Plymouth and The university Medical Centre branch surgery at 27 Endsleigh Place, Plymouth.

Pathfields has been affected by the national shortage of GPs, which is particularly acute in Plymouth. The problems we have had in providing sufficient clinicians have been magnified by an unusually high turnover of staff. We have found it increasingly difficult to fill our current vacancies and are trying innovative ways to expand our clinical team but this will only go part way towards covering the vacancies that we have.

We remain committed to providing excellent patient care but have found that we have been unable to sufficiently staff both of these surgeries in order to do this. Following a long period of reflection, we have decided that it would be best for all concerned, if we were to withdraw our medical care services from these sites.

Patients who are currently registered with us will continue to be able to access medical services at any one of our other surgeries:

  • Beaumont Villa Surgery, 23 Beaumont Road, Plymouth, PL4 9BL
  • Armada Surgery, 28 Oxford Place, Plymouth, PL1 5AJ
  • Crownhill Surgery, 103 Crownhill Road, Plymouth, PL5 3BP
  • Efford Medical Centre, 29 Torridge Way, Plymouth. PL3 6JG
  • Laira Surgery, 95 Pike Road, Laira, Plymouth. PL3 6HG
  • Plympton Health Centre, Mudge Way, Plympton. PL7 1AD

We will be contacting patients who are registered at Tothill and the University Medical Centre and seeking their views. We will also be consulting more widely with patients and other key stakeholders.

It must be pointed out that at this stage that this is just a proposal by the practice which cannot be actioned without NHS England approval and without consultation.

Attached to this page is consultation questionnaires for patients of Pathfields Medical group.

We will keep you up to date with progress but in the meantime if you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Wendy Ellis

Managing Partner

Pathfields Medical Group